Mort is retiring from his job as head greenskeeper.  This leaves Mort with one thing left to do with his life, put to rest the memory of his missing wife, Corina. To do so, Mort’s sister-in-law, Peggy, and his son, Russ, convince him to return to the abandoned house where Corina disappeared twenty years earlier. Did aliens abduct her, as Mort believes,or is he just making this up?On his arrival, he encounters some unusual circumstances, such as a dead body falling from the sky and the appearance of Kenneth a mysterious nocturnal cowboy. However, nothing could prepare him for watching Hello Earthlings!, a sitcom broadcast from another planet and starring his long lost wife.  Ultimately, Mort’s bizarre tale is exploited on the popular television show, The Unbelievable Truth, leaving him to question the pursuit of his onetime dream; Corina’s return.


Hello Earthlings!  16mm film, 86 minutes © 2005

© Elizabeth Withstandley 2014, All rights reserved